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★ Material: premium quality memory foam provides dynamic energizing support and cushioning to your feet. The insole's foam will gently rebound after each step, providing enhanced motion control and stability. Made of high-density memory foam which means better quality and longer durability.

★ Components: The package consists of one pair of Foot Support Shoe Insoles. The soft cushioning of the insoles is recommended to reduce pressure, micro-shocks, pain, and fatigue on your feet. It absorbs shock to the feet and reduces pain.

★ Fully Arched Sole: The shoe insole features a full arch shell for improved motion control and side-to-side stability. This secures your foot in place and prevents excessive movement, keeping you comfortable all day long.

★ Ultra-light Design: The ultra-light design makes our insoles easy to carry with you wherever you go. You'll barely notice it's there! Say goodbye to tired and aching feet and flaunt your favorite shoes without being uncomfortable.

★ Cut-to-fit: Easily trim the insole to perfectly match your shoe size. No need for frustrating inserts that never seem to quite fit right. If the sole is not of your size, grab a handy pair of scissors and trim it to fit it to your ideal size.

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