Heel Liner Grips Cushions Inserts For Loose Shoes Shoe Insoles 2 Pair @ ₹ 119 Personal Care

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  • Fit most shoes these heel cushion inserts are easy to apply, stay in place, and don’t cause crowding in your shoes. They are available for both men and women and fit all types of shoes, such as running shoes, dress shoes, boots, sneakers, work shoes, leather shoes, etc.
  • Heel pain relief the heel grips protect and support your heels from pain, blisters, and rubbing, and help keep your heel in place in your shoe.
  • Ultra-soft & thickening with great elasticity which is comfortable for your feet to use strong self-adhesive in the backside. easy to use and stick for a perfect fit, helping keep heels from slipping. Prevents shoes from rubbing your feet and avoids pain & blisters due to long-time walking..
  • Sensitive skin-friendly the specially designed fiber of the shoe back cushion has a smooth feel and a natural wicking action, which keeps moisture away from the skin. This helps to avoid the hazard of skin irritation.
  • Comfortable the soft, ergonomic design replicates the contour of your heels, cushioning them to prevent slipping, rubbing, blisters, and heel pain.

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