300Pcs Excellent Building Block Game @ ₹ 480, Interlocking Block Set, Building Blocks for Kids, Construction Blocks Toy

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  • Type - Multicolor Play Building Blocks with many Interlocking pieces
  • Can make Various Shapes With These Blocks Like Rail, see-saws, Square, Windmills, Tables and chairs, buildings, etc. Kids can show their creativity in building anything they want to build. You can make different cars, houses, boats, airplanes, castles, ships, trucks, planes, buses, vans, gardens, Animals, and helicopters, of different sizes. It is user-friendly and guaranteed to provide many happy hours for children
  • Keep Your Children Busy with this indoor play and let their Imagination grow Available in Attractive Bright Colors Comes in convenient Box Packing
  • Pair objects with matching forms to learn shapes; Learn colors with a rainbow of hues; Build and rebuild for open-ended creativity; Perfect for little hands
  • Hand-eye coordination problem-solving creativity and imagination, shape, and color recognition.
  • Building Blocks game designed to stimulate imagination and develop logical thinking and cognitive reasoning skills in kids, boys, and girls
  • Allows children to unleash their creativity and construct a wide range of structures
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