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    Product Name: Cumin Seeds
     Type: Machine Cleaned / Sortexed / Extra Bold
     Purity: 98% / 99% / 99.50% (As Per Customer Requirements)
     Moisture: 10% Max
     Place Of Origin: India
     Total Ash: 9.50% Max
     Acid Insuluble Ash: 1.75% Max
     Flavour: Aromatic With A Penetrating Flavour



    1. Cumin seeds are essential flavors for different cuisines and wonderful spice to add different flavors in food items.
    2. Cumin seeds are chemical-free and help in treating yellow jaundice and other health problems.
    3. Cumin seeds are dried properly and used in different forms at different places
    4. To know more about cumin seeds exporters in India and to buy cumin seeds, kindly contact us right away.
    5. Cumin seeds can be used as a medicinal herb to boost up your overall health and stamina
    6. It is used as a flavoring agent to add a distinct flavor to your dishes
    7 It can be used as spices to make Indian dishes more interesting
    8. Cumin seeds are usually preferred at the locations where people love to eat spicy food items. This is taken as an essential ingredient for curry powders and chicken dishes.
    9. Buy cumin seeds for their key benefits which are good for boosting up overall energy levels and flush out unwanted toxins away from the human body.


     H.D.P.E. Bag/ P.P. Bag/ Jute Bag 25 Kg / 40 Kg / 50 Kg
     New Multi-Wall Paper Bag 24 Kg
     Customer Requirement As Per Customer Requirement
     20′ FT Container  13-14 Metric Tons
     40′ FT Container 26-27 Metric Tons

    Cumin seeds known as Jeera in India are the seeds of the caraway family. We are working on the objective to deliver high quality cumin seeds to our clients at the most favorable prices. We never do compromise on quality standards that make us top Cumin Seeds Exports, Imports in India. Cumin has a distinctive, slightly bitter yet warm flavour. We are regularly Exporting Europe Best Quality Cumin Seeds with 99.5% Purity, Gulf Quality Cumin Seeds with 99% Purity and Singapore Quality Cumin Seeds with 99% Purity from India to all over the world. Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major Producers of Cumin Seeds in India. The Indian Cumin Seeds Production being a lot Higher than that in Turkey, Syria or Iran, the Indian Stock of Cumin Seeds is generally Available throughout the Year while the Stocks of other Origins Cumin Seeds Like Iran and Syria get Exhausted soon. VAD Industries offering Europe Quality Cumin Seeds, Singapore Quality Cumin Seeds, Gulf Quality Cumin Seeds, USA Quality Cumin Seeds, Organic Cumin Seeds, Machine Cleaned, Sortex Cleaned, Extra Bold with Moisture 10% Max and Purity 98%, 99% & 99.50% Available in India. Find Cumin Seeds Buyers, Sellers, Producers, Manufacturing, Wholesalers, Producing, Supplying, Exports, Imports, Importing, Exporting, Biji Jintan, Rempah-Rempah, Buying, Selling, Import, Export, Traders, Trading, Distributors, International Traders, Agents, Brokers, Commission Agents, Processors, Purchase, Processing, Purchasing in India and around the world.

    VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters and Importers of Premium Quality Cumin Seeds in Gujarat - India. We are Regularly Exports to Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Australia, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Japan, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, United States of America, USA, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Brazil, Romania, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Latvia, Lithuania, Cambodia, Mauritius, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Belarus, Iran, Brunei, Iraq, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, Estonia, Myanmar, Fiji, Paraguay, Finland, Peru, Colombia. Cumin seeds are available with as around the Year. NEW CROP: March to April HSN CODE: 09093129

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